M2M – Military to Manufacturing Career Pathways Program


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Advanced Manufacturing and 21st Century Career Opportunities

Lean how to translate the foundational skills you already have to work in environments using advanced technologies, advanced materials, international quality standards,
and global logistics practices.

CAMPS represents Washington State manufacturers engaged in 21st Century Advanced Manufacturing products and processes. In this condensed military-to-manufacturing workshop, learn how this industry focused and employer driven program informs and prepares veterans for entry-level, semi-skilled, skilled and leadership positions in the manufacturing industry. Military personnel are natural leaders skilled in operating advanced weapons, communication, and support equipment and have readily transferrable skills. Your skills, experiences, and motivations make you attractive candidates.

Components of this 16 hour accelerated program include:

·      Applicant Testing – Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude

·      Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing

·      Special introduction to emerging 21st Century Career Opportunities

·      Applied Skills (math, technical drawing, shop tools and instrumentation)

·      Manufacturing Processes & Workflow

·      Manufacturing Methodologies (ISO, LEAN, Six Sigma, 5S)

·      Job search planning, resumes and cover letters and interview techniques

·      Skills translation from Military to Manufacturing – How do you describe your specialties?

·      For those who complete the two-day program, plant tours at manufacturing facilities are scheduled.

Added Benefit:

Throughout the M2M workshop, the CAMPS team is continually monitoring, assessing, and supporting the candidates to help identify individual strengths and weaknesses for success in job search and placement opportunities.

CAMPS is a Washington State Advanced Manufacturing organization representing highly innovative and leading SMM’s (Small and Medium Manufacturers) and supply chain companies. These companies operate in the aerospace, defense, marine, energy, transportation, life sciences & medical devices, food processing, and general industry sectors. www.camps-us.com

To view the schedule for the future orientation sessions and workshops contact Marcus Warren at CAMPS   Marcus.Warren@camps-us.com

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Upcoming Military to Manufacturing (M2M) Career Pathway Events

M2M Orientations – One-hour presentation and opportunity to hear an overview of the M2M Program. Questions and answer opportunities included.

M2M Class Schedule – Two-day workshop designed to provide an understanding of Manufacturing processes and career opportunities, how you can translate your skills to manufacturing careers, and resume and interviewing assistance to successfully secure manufacturing career opportunities.

Orientations and Workshops are being held on Joint Base Lewis McChord, Bangar Naval Base, Whidby Island Naval Base, and Everett Naval Base.

2018 M2M Schedule JBLM

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