CAMPS Medical Device Alliance

CAMPS Medical Device Alliance (CMDA)

Medical Device Supply Chain Strategic Initiative

Vision: Washington State will be globally recognized as the leading global medical device manufacturing supply chain though a collaborative partnership including business, professional associations, government, and education.

Mission: Through a strong partnership with the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS), Washington Biotechnical and Biomedical Association (WBBA), Washington State Department of Commerce, Life Sciences Discovery Fund, and the Bothell IPZ (Innovation Partnership Zone), efforts are underway to identify and link the full medical device supply chain to support a highly efficient and cost effective Medical Device manufacturing sector. “Linking innovation, manufacturing, and commercialization together”


  • WBBA – the process begins with ideas and a concept which involves the research institutions, entrepreneurs, and OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers).
  • CAMPS – Provides the vital link to the supply chain network of specialty manufacturers and supply chain companies in Washington State. The CAMPS role will be to develop and maintain a cloud database of capabilities, capacities, and company readiness. This includes design, prototypes, manufacturing, distribution, ISO Certifications, Lean Practices, and connectivity to resources.
  • Washington State Department of Commerce, Life Sciences Discovery Fund and the Bothell IPZ – Provides the vital link for government policy, regional marketing, and the development and funding support for innovation and 21st Century Skills.

Phase I

  • In June 2014, CAMPS launched a Medical Device Supply Chain Mapping project engaging Central Washington University Capstone Study senior level students. Based on the product needs, the manufacturing and supply chain capabilities and capacities have been identified at a macro level. The understanding of the hierarchy of functions is helping streamline the processes to increase efficiencies and create a cost competitive full supply chain environment.

Phase II

  • Identify the primary resources for Design and Engineering, Prototyping, Machining, Molding, Forming, Assembly and Fabrication, Manufacturing services, and Certifications and Training
  • Identify CAMPS member capabilities and capacities to match the functional requirements in a Cloud Based database.

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