CAMPS has an ongoing series of Programs and Initiatives. These programs and initiatives are designed to begin with the research and investigation of markets, opportunities, and solutions that are impacting the whole membership or of significant interest to members. It is important to understand that the priorities of these programs may change over time.

  • Program – in the CAMPS context, a program is a planned set of activities around a specific purpose, with procedures, a scheduled group of activities, and a defined outcome. Programs are designed as solutions to meet a manufacturing need.
  • Initiative – in the CAMPS context, an initiative is a process to investigate or research an idea that is designed to determine if the ideas warrants the efforts and will yield the results to gain program status.

Industry Cluster Programs and Initiatives

CAMPS Medical Device Alliance (CMDA)

Washington State has one of the fastest growing Life Sciences Clusters in the United States and Globally.  In Washington State this accounts for $11.1 Billion of GDP, 34,000 direct jobs, 91,000 support jobs, average income $51,100, 191 Biopharma companies, 294 medical devices companies, and 78 non-profit associations. In late 2015, a Washington Life Science & Global Health Advisory Council was formed by Governor Inslee.  The objective of the Advisory Council is to review the competitive landscape for Washington’s life science & global health sectors and developing a set of recommendations for making Washington one of the strongest life science & global health clusters in the nation.  CAMPS is taking the lead to develop a full supply chain of existing medical device manufacturing experiences, capabilities, and certifications.  Learn More


M2MMilitary to Manufacturing Career Pathways Program (M2M)

The CAMPS sponsored M2M program is a condensed industry driven military-to-manufacturing workshop that informs and prepares veterans for careers in the manufacturing industries.  Military personnel are natural leaders skilled in operating advanced weapons, communication, and support equipment and have readily transferrable skills. CAMPS has developed 140 Skills Translation Models to inform and prepare veterans for entry-level, semi-skilled, skilled and leadership positions in the manufacturing industry.  Military personnel are natural leaders skilled in operating advanced weapons, communication, and support equipment and have readily transferrable skills. We have been working with local military installations and veteran program since 2012 with over 300 individuals attributing their employment success from what they have learned in the M2M program. Learn More


Manufacturing Internship Program

CAMPS recognizes that our youth are an important part of our 21st Century Workforce.  We began our process by working with FIRST Robotics Team Members is to build relationships with local students and educational institutions which encourage higher education and rewarding careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and ultimately, Manufacturing.  CAMPS provides a connection role with companies interested in providing introductory work experiences for potential candidates. Our successes have been direct hires for individuals who may not have economic resources, interest, or a desire to investigate vocational career alternatives.  Learn More


Maritime/Marine Industry Supply Chain

In 2013, the Washington State Maritime Cluster November 2013 Economic Impact Study was prepared and published. This impact study identified and defined Washington State’s Maritime Cluster that has direct and indirect impacts of 148,000 Washington jobs, 2,100 companies, $15.2 billion in gross business income and generates another $14.8 billion in induced and indirect output, for a total contribution effect of $30 billion to Washington’s economy.  The Maritime Cluster consists of core activities in six key subsectors:

  • Ship and Boat Building, Maintenance and Repair
  • Maritime Logistics and Shipping
  • Passenger Water Transportation
  • Fishing and Seafood Processing
  • Maritime Support Services
  • Military Operations

In partnership with Central Washington University, 14 research projects have been completed to understand these sectors and manufacturing opportunities for CAMPS members.  Learn More


National Purchasing Program

CAMPS partners with NPP to provide discounts on products and services.  NPP negotiates the rates and makes them available to CAMPS members. Learn More


Plastic Industry Training Program

There are over 80 plastics companies in Washington State, while there are no plastic technicians and plastics support training programs available.  CAMPS took the lead to identify the key elements of a plastics career pathway and available resources.  The emphasis was for incumbent and new hire programs.  The CAMPS sponsored Plastics Industry Training Program is a pilot program designed to support SMM (Small and Medium Manufacturers) in Washington State.  This is a collaborative program to operate as a SOJT (Structured On-the-Job Training) Initiative utilizing available on-line training materials, existing training programs and resources, and act as a referral resource for higher level certificates and degree programs.  CAMPS is partnering with community and technical colleges and AJAC (Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee).  The third step is to provide employee of participating companies to locate degrees and advanced Apprenticeship programs for those pursuing higher career pathway programs. This can include the master craftsmen levels as tool design, tool makers, and the traditional management functions, such as quality assurance, engineering, management, accounting, and human resources. Learn More

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