CAMPS members have a great deal to celebrate in 2017. Many of our members have made great progress this year and as an organization, we are strong and growing. 
Join us and celebrate members and organization achievements.

Emerging Space Industry Overview

John Thornquist – Department of Commerce
Steve Kidd – Aerospace Vendors
Taylor Banks – Systima Technologies

In keeping with the CAMPS focus to Access Innovation that can lead to new market opportunities for members, the September Round Tables are focusing on providing new information about the emerging space industry.  More and more companies in the Pacific North West are delving into the Space Industry to be innovative leaders in this potential new line of business.  About 25 companies have been identified as part of this emerging space industry.  The space business isn’t just for NASA anymore as companies inch closer to making commercial space flight a reality.  At the September Round Tables, we will hear from a panel comprised of local businesses and the Washington Department of Commerce discussing their perspective on upcoming space projects, revenue potential, regulations, industry trends and the opportunity here in the PNW to become part of the supply chain.   Don’t miss this very important and informational meeting.

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 CAMPS Recognition and Awards Banquet

November 5th, 2017

We Want Your Nominations!

The CAMPS Board, Committee Members, and Staff are requesting nominations for awards to be
presented at the November 15th – 2017 CAMPS Recognition and Awards Banquet.
When making nominations, please keep in mind how these companies or individuals have
contributed to the CAMPS Mission, Vision, Value Proposition.
The award selections will be made by the CAMPS Board, Committee Members, and Staff.


Innovation (Product / Process / Company)

Community Impact

Outstanding Contribution to CAMPS

Industry Leadership ( Individual )

Manufacturer of the Year ( Company )

Legacy Award  –  CAMPS 10 Year Anniversary Manufacturing Award

Volunteer of the Year  ( Open to All Members )

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Self Nominations Are Encouraged   *   Nominations To Close On October 10th



CAMPS 2016 Award Winners!!

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CAMPS Launched Healthcare Trust

CAMPS is pleased to announce the launch of the CAMPS Healthcare Trust.  All manufacturers and certain supply chain companies are eligible per the NAICS guidelines and under the oversight of theWashington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner.  To participate in the CAMPS Healthcare Trust, a company must be a CAMPS member in good standing.



CAMPS Member – Shannon & Associates – has provided us with some information regarding tax credits available to you if you have or are planning to hire veterans.

Credit for hiring unemployed veterans

Businesses hiring unemployed veterans for full-time employment positions located in Washington beginning October 1, 2016, are eligible for a credit against their business and occupation (B&O) tax or public utility tax (PUT). (RCW 82.04.4498 and 82.16.0499)

You can earn credits through June 30, 2022. You must claim all credits earned by June 30, 2023.

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