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October 2016 Round Tables
Membership Value Driven by Two New Programs

CAMPS Health Trust

National Purchasing Program (NPP)

Providing measurable Membership Value to CAMPS Members is paramount to the CAMPS Mission. During the past several months, we have been preparing for the launch of two new programs that are designed to enable companies to find significant savings in essential programs. Join us for the October Round-Table Breakfast meetings to learn how to enroll in these programs and receive the benefits.
  • CAMPS Health Trust – Capital Benefit Services and EPK & Associates have been selected to help design and develop an exclusive association health plan for CAMPS manufacturing and supply chain members. By leveraging the size of all CAMPS members together, we will be able to offer custom medical, dental, and vision benefit plans while potentially saving member companies thousands of dollars on their employee benefits costs. These teams will be working together closely over the next few months to launch this industry leading association health plan for CAMPS Members. The target launch date to begin marketing the program will be October 1, 2016, with a lot of emphasis on companies who have December or January new enrollment dates.  The selected providers are Regence, Group Health, and Delta Dental.  Note: because these trust programs are highly regulated, we must categorize the participants by SIC/NAICS codes of like activities.  Thus, this program will be focused only on manufacturers and supply chain members at this time.
    Association Health Plans and the Creation of CAMPS Health Trust
  • National Purchasing Program –   CAMPS has been approved by NPP to provide discounted services for our members.  The purpose of the NPP is to enable Group Purchasing Made Easy.  NPP is one of the nation’s largest group purchasing organizations, leveraging the purchasing power of its combined membership to offer superior discounts from world class vendors.  The program includes about 40 vendors who range from office supplies, phone services, travel, electronics, security systems, paint, and many others.  We are beginning with the Staples Advantage program and will need to assist members with set-up and training assistance.  In reviewing the savings over normal retail rates, the savings will be substantial.
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September 2016 Round Tables
How to Provide Irresistible Customer Service

 John Harrington 
Customer Service is paramount in business survival and prosperity.  The key to strong customer relationships is to provide customer service that both retains existing and attracts new customers.  Sources cite that it costs 5X or five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to retain a current customer.  At the same time, companies have reported that they spend 44% of their marketing budgets on new markets, while spending 18% on market retention.  Thus it makes sense to retain customers, so they are not looking at the competition, that is constantly beating on their doors.
JVH is a CAMPS Member and distributor of EPSON large scale printers.  EPSON has been a leader in this market. John will share how to gain a competitive edge and competitive differentiation that comes down to service.  Turn your customers into fans – in addition to satisfying their needs, amaze and delight them.  By showing up and doing the basics for your customers, you can enhance your business far beyond their expectations.  It’s all about them – not you.  Be a Go-Giver and do what’s right by abundantly placing other people’s interests first.  Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.
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CAMPS 2016 Manufacturing Conference

The CAMPS 2016 Manufacturing Conference was a great success.  We had 185 attendees share the day.

The programs that were presented are the key factors why the conference was such a great success.

 Brian Stading
President of CenturyLink’s Northwest Region
View Presentation

Colin Masson
Director of Manufacturing Industry Solutions
Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise Group
View Presentation

Kip Boyle
CyberRisk Opportunities
Technology and Cyber-Security in Manufacturing
View Presentation

David Wilk & Chad Gleason
SVN (Sperry Van Ness)
What Do Next Generation Facility Technologies Look Like?
View Presentation

Lucas Mack, 4th Avenue Media and
Rick Amero, Madden Industrial Craftsmen
Your Best Staffing Strategy is a Great Employee Retention Program
View Presentation

Dan Kocer
Kocer Consulting + Engineering
Strategies for Selecting and Transitioning to a New Enterprise Resource Planning System
View Presentation

Erin Whipple & Ryan Flores
Key Bank
Financing Your Automation and Automating Your Finances
View Presentation

Michael Pearce
Focused on Revenue
Making Revenue Soar
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