CAMPS is a resource center bringing together manufacturers, supply chain partners, professional service providers and affiliates (government, education, and non-profit organizations), all who share common interests.

Promoting Washington State Manufacturing Excellence

We are a nonprofit membership organization representing small and medium sized manufacturing (SMM) businesses working together through strategic partnerships.

The value of a CAMPS membership lies in the power associated with being part of a network of manufacturers, supply chain partners, business advisors, and strategic partners, all working together.

There is Strength in Collaboration and Numbers

Is CAMPS for Your Company?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you will find your membership in CAMPS to be of great value to you.

  • Are you interested in having access to the latest innovations, technologies, and new market opportunities?
  • Are you interested in learning how the region’s small and medium manufacturers (SMM) have found value in working together to strengthen their supply chain capabilities and offerings?
  • Do you see value in locating high value resources that have been tested and valued by other manufacturers?
  • Do you see value in accessing condensed, crisp, and relevant Advanced Manufacturing information?
  • Do you want to connect with other successful manufacturing leaders in the region?

What is CAMPS?

  • Membership organization
  • Industry driven partnership
  • Connecting point – where you go to find solutions, resources, or new directions.
  • Primary SMM (Small and Medium Manufacturers) voice in Washington State

CAMPS Mission – “Helping Washington State manufacturers succeed through innovation, supply chain positioning, and business development”

Value Proposition – “The value of a CAMPS membership lies in the power associated with being part of a network of manufacturers, supply chain partners, business advisors, and strategic partners, all working together”

Why Companies join CAMPS?

Build or expand business development

  • Find solutions to problems and new opportunities
  • Connect with other manufacturers and supply chain partners

What are the benefits to being part of CAMPS?

  • 60% of member companies report finding new business opportunities because they are CAMPS members
  • Venues to interact with other manufacturers and supply chain partners
  • On-going source for current, emerging, and crisp information relating to manufacturing
  • Opportunities to “cost share” on projects, certifications, and training
  • Share in grant benefits
  • Access to 21st Century Workforce skills and applicants
  • Power of the Network – Power in Numbers

Five Pillars

  • Access to Innovation – emerging industries, products, processes, and technologies
  • Supply Chain Development – Supply Chain Mapping, certifications, capabilities database
  • Pre-qualified Service Providers – Experts in the support system services
  • Workforce Development – On-going needs assessment, partnership with industry, education, and government resources and needs
  • Access Funding Resources – Work as an industry to secure grant funding to address industry common opportunities and challenges

CAMPS members are leaders. Member companies and leadership executives are recognized in Washington State as:

  • Manufacturer of the Year
  • Executive of the Year
  • Innovator of the Year
  • Emerging Company of the Year
  • Workforce Innovator of the Year
  • Best Places to Work
  • Fastest Growing Companies

CAMPS, as an organization, has been recognized by the Seattle Business Magazine in 2015 for a Community Impact Award for our work in the M2M (Military to Manufacturing) Career Pathways Program and our work with Youth Programs to expose manufacturing as great career pathway for our future workforce.

What is Advanced Manufacturing?

Advanced Manufacturing is a term with many definitions, all are correct depending on the environment and view point. These defining components can include the integration of technology based equipment and systems, processes develop in the production of top quality products, use and processing of advanced materials, adoption of international standard compliance, and working within lean and continuous improvement programs. A primary value within this network of CAMPS, is the sharing of best practices.

At CAMPS, we have extended the term to include – Advanced Manufacturing is a regional strength that brings together the compliment of regional manufacturing and supply chain companies working within a network or ecosystem that brings together multiple leaders with perspectives that are based on customer driven relationships and the ideas of sharing to make the region a strong manufacturing center.

These companies see the value in cost sharing, best practice sharing, and accessing the most current emerging information and technologies. These partnerships bring together all aspects of a product lifecycle from; market research, advanced equipment and process technologies, supply chain integration, skills development, lean process development, and aftermarket service and sustainability considerations.

By working together, these companies integrate across sectors or clusters, such as: aerospace, defense, energy, transportation, medical devices, maritime, food processing, and general categories. They recognize the integration of processing capabilities (machining, fabrication, molding, and manufacturing services), and best practices between companies. One of the largest impacts for CAMPS is we are very successful 21st Century Workforce Solutions and matching skills to the company needs. Finding the desired experience is not always an option, so many companies are looking for individual “capabilities and capacities” to train individuals through SOJT (Structured On-the-Job Training).

By focusing on the network or ecosystem approach, we realize that when the region wins, the individual companies win”.  The network or ccosystem approach is attractive to new businesses, product innovation, talent, investment, and research support.

Future Vision

CAMPS is recognized as an important catalyst for world-class manufacturing. Through innovation, strong business development and strong partnerships, the region is considered a focus of highly efficient and profitable manufacturing companies supported by a skilled workforce, leading edge processes, and innovative solutions.

By partnering with CAMPS, small and medium manufacturers throughout Washington State are making the radical change to becoming high-value innovators. Because CAMPS understands manufacturers’ challenges and opportunities, it is a widely recognized, respected, and trusted business development resource.

CAMPS strategic alliances with public and private resources have demonstrably helped manufacturers succeed in creating new business models, adapting to using new materials, processes and products for greater profitability. CAMPS widespread reputation is for helping manufacturers to be on leading edge of the life cycle and accomplishing speed to market on a global scale.